5 Ways to Prevent Heart Disease from an Early Age

5 Ways to Prevent Heart Disease from an Early Age

It is important to know how to prevent heart disease and do it early so that heart function is maintained. There are various steps to maintain heart health and of course do not include a healthy lifestyle.

Heart disease is one of the most common diseases that causes death in Indonesia, and even throughout the world. This disease can occur due to various factors, such as genetics or heredity, age, and unhealthy lifestyle and eating patterns.

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Several medical conditions or other diseases can also increase a person’s risk of suffering from heart problems. The medical conditions or diseases in question include hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol.

Heredity and age cannot be prevented, but there are still ways to prevent other risk factors that can trigger heart disease. Everyone needs to take this preventative step, whether you are healthy or at high risk of heart disease.

Know How to Prevent Heart Disease from an Early Age

There are several ways you can prevent heart disease, including:

1. Maintain a healthy diet

To prevent heart disease, you should reduce your consumption of fatty foods and increase your consumption of foods high in fiber. You can get fiber food intake from vegetables, fruit and whole grains.

Limiting daily salt intake can also prevent heart disease. This is because consuming too much salt can increase blood pressure. The amount of daily salt intake should be no more than 6 grams per day or about one teaspoon.

Apart from that, reducing your intake of saturated fats and increasing your consumption of unsaturated fats can also prevent high cholesterol. Choose fat intake that comes from fish, avocado, sunflower oil, or olive oil.

2. Maintain ideal body weight

Not only diet, someone who is overweight or obese is also susceptible to high cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes which can increase the risk of heart disease.

3. Exercise regularly

Combining a healthy diet with regular exercise is the best way to maintain weight and prevent heart disease. Adults are recommended to exercise for 150 minutes a week or 30 minutes every day.

Exercise has been shown to support heart and blood vessel function throughout the body. Apart from that, cholesterol levels can decrease and blood pressure can be controlled.

4. Manage stress well

Stress greatly affects your health condition, including increasing the risk of heart disease. Stress can trigger the desire to eat more and consume alcoholic drinks which can harm your heart.

Therefore, it is important to manage stress well so that you avoid various diseases, including heart disease. Channel negative energy due to stress through exercise, meditation, or activities that you enjoy.

5. Pay attention to sleep hours

Getting enough sleep can also support a healthier life and avoid heart disease. Adults need at least 7–8 hours of sleep every night.

If sleep needs are not met for a long time, of course it can have a bad impact on health and can trigger various diseases, such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, depression and heart attacks.

Apart from the things above, avoiding smoking is also important. Smoking can damage blood vessel walls, disrupt blood circulation, and increase blood pressure, thereby increasing the risk of heart disease.

If you are someone who is at high risk of developing heart disease because you suffer from diabetes, high cholesterol, or hypertension, make sure you have regular check-ups with your doctor and undergo treatment as recommended by your doctor. That way, heart disease can be prevented from an early age.


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