Here are 5 causes of hot flashes and how to overcome them

Here are 5 causes of hot flashes and how to overcome them

“Hot and cold sensations in the body occur due to changes in body temperature, emotional responses, or the influence of certain drugs. One way to overcome this is with self-care at home.”

Chills are feelings of coldness that usually appear in cold environments. This condition also refers to episodes of shivering accompanied by hot body temperature.

Hot and cold sensations generally occur in children and can get better on their own within a few days. This problem can occur due to many causes, one of which is infection.

Find out below the triggers and the right steps to overcome them!

Causes of Chills

Hot and cold sensations occur due to rapid muscle contraction and relaxation. This condition is the body’s way of producing heat when the body feels cold. There are many factors that cause this, including:

1. Infection

A hot and cold sensation accompanied by pain and shivering is a sign that the body is fighting an infection. This disease usually occurs due to exposure to viruses or bacteria, such as colds, flu, or urinary tract infections.

You can take one of several types of hot and cold medicines in this article to help overcome the symptoms: Here are 5 effective hot and cold medicine options at the pharmacy.

2. Low blood sugar

Hot flashes can also be a symptom of low blood sugar which is potentially dangerous for people with diabetes. According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), low blood sugar can cause chills and shaking, even vision problems and seizures.

3. Emotional reaction

Emotional reactions can be the cause of hot and cold sensations in the body. This occurs because strong emotions arise, such as feelings of grief, anxiety, or fear.

Emotional tension triggers an autonomic nervous system response to release stress hormones such as cortisol. The body’s response to this hormone can include chills, increased heart rate, or faster breathing.

4. Malaria

Malaria can cause a hot and cold sensation in the body due to a parasitic infection caused by the Plasmodium genus, especially Plasmodium falciparum. The life cycle of this parasite involves transfer between humans and Anopheles mosquitoes.

When a mosquito bites a human, it injects parasites into the bloodstream, which then migrate to the liver and reproduce. The hot and cold sensation that appears is related to the parasite replication cycle in red blood cells.

At certain times, the parasite releases chemicals called merozoites into the bloodstream. The process of releasing merozoites triggers an immune system response and causes chills.

5. Treatment reaction

Hot and cold sensations in the body can also occur as a reaction to medication. This can be caused by various factors depending on the type of treatment used.

This hot and cold reaction may occur due to interactions between the drug and the body’s systems, as well as the body’s response to changes induced by the drug.

How to Overcome Cold Heat

The first step you can take to deal with chills is to carry out self-care at home. If the temperature increases, here are some treatments to do:

  • Drink lots of fluids to keep your body hydrated.
  • Taking over-the-counter pain relievers to reduce discomfort.
  • Get lots of rest.
  • Taking acetaminophen to relieve pain.
  • Compress a cloth with lukewarm temperature to the forehead.
  • Wear clothes made from comfortable materials.

Immediately consult a doctor if you experience shivering accompanied by:

  • Body temperature above 40 degrees Celsius or below 35 degrees Celsius in adults or children over three years old.
  • Temperature above 39 degrees Celsius in children aged three months to three years.
  • Temperature above 38 degrees Celsius in babies less than three months old.
  • Unexplained chest pain or tenderness.
  • Extreme fatigue.
  • Severe stomach ache.
  • Wheezing or difficulty breathing.

If the chills persist for a long time or get worse, you can get recommendations for appropriate medicines through the Health Shop

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