Massage for Headaches, Know the Various Techniques and How to Do It

Massage for Headaches, Know the Various Techniques and How to Do It

Massage for headaches can be done as an alternative treatment to relieve headache complaints. To do this, there are several techniques that can be used as options. These various techniques must be carried out correctly so that headache complaints can disappear optimally.

Headaches are one of the most common complaints and often hinder daily activities. To relieve it, massage for headaches is the most frequently used method. Apart from being relatively practical, this alternative method is also considered to have minimal side effects.

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Massage Techniques for Headaches and How to Do It

Please note, massage for headaches should not be done carelessly. The reason is, headache complaints may not be resolved if the massage is done using the wrong method.

There are several special techniques that can be used so that headache complaints can be resolved properly, including:

1. Acupressure massage technique

The acupressure massage technique is the first technique that can be used as a massage for headaches. The acupressure massage technique itself is a traditional Chinese medicine technique that can treat various health problems, including headaches.

In practice, you have to press or massage massage points spread across several parts of the body or what are often called acupressure points. You can press or massage acupressure points directly with your hands or use special acupressure tools.

The following are several acupressure points that can be pressed to relieve headache complaints:

  • Point in the middle of the forehead
  • Point at the temple
  • Point on the back of the neck
  • The point between the thumb and forefinger
  • Point on the inside of the wrist
  • Point on instep

So that the benefits of massage for headaches can be felt optimally, you must press or massage the acupressure points quite firmly and repeat this several times. However, if pain appears at the point you are massaging or the massage makes the headache worse, you should stop massaging.

Although the exact mechanism for dealing with headaches is not yet known, massage using acupressure techniques can improve blood flow and produce endorphins, so that tense muscles around the head relax. This is what is believed to relieve headaches.

2. Shiatsu massage technique

Another technique that can be used to relieve headache complaints is the Shiatsu massage technique which originates from Japan. This massage technique has long been used as an alternative treatment method because it has various health benefits, one of which is relieving dizziness and headaches.

Doing massage for headaches using the shiatsu technique can relieve stress and relax various muscles in the body, including the muscles in the head. That way, muscle tension can be resolved and your headache complaints will subside.

In practice, the shiatsu massage technique is actually not much different from the acupressure massage technique, which is done by massaging certain points on the body to improve blood flow.

Shiatsu massage techniques are usually carried out by a therapist. However, to relieve complaints of headaches that occur due to muscle tension due to stress, you can also do it yourself at home by following these steps:

  • Sit with your head and neck straight.
  • Place both hands on your head with each thumb positioned at your temples.
  • Press your thumbs slowly in a circular motion while holding your breath.
  • Do this movement for 5–10 minutes.

3. Swedish massage technique

A study shows that the Swedish massage technique can be an alternative method for relieving headache complaints, especially headaches that occur on one side of the head or migraines. The reason is, this massage technique is done with various movements that can relax the muscles in the head.

However, Swedish massage should be performed by a qualified therapist. Apart from providing optimal benefits in dealing with headache complaints, doing a Swedish massage with a therapist will also reduce your risk of experiencing injury due to pressing the muscles in an inappropriate way.

4. Thai massage technique

Just like Swedish massage, Thai massage must also be performed by a licensed therapist. This massage technique usually requires you to lie down on a mat. Later, the therapist will use stretching, pulling and movement techniques such as yoga when carrying out the massage.

The various techniques used will certainly make your body move actively during the massage session. As a result, tense body muscles will relax and blood circulation will improve. Matter

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