Spanish Words and Phrases To Get Rid Of Your Latino Lover

I have a story to tell that will give you some Spanish words and expressions to assist you with disposing of your Latino sweetheart. An American companion of mine here in Medellín, Colombia asked me a fascinating inquiry. I will call him Larry in this email (not his genuine name). Larry’s Spanish is dreadful without a doubt. Furthermore, today Larry revealed to me that he needed to cut off his association with his “novia paisa” (sweetheart from Medellín). Furthermore, he asked me what is the right earnpaisa expression to state “farewell” when cutting off an association.

As Larry suspected, the expression “hasta luego” didn’t have the conclusion that would be fitting for cutting off the association.

I disclosed to Larry that the word that he was searching for was presumably “adiós.” And Larry saw me perplexed and stated:

“Patrick, nobody says ‘adiós’ these days. I think you watched one such a large number of Mexican cowhand films. The main individuals who I hear saying ‘adiós’ these days are ‘los viejitos’ (the older).”

That is the point at which I disclosed to Larry that individuals actually utilize “adiós.” In Latin America “adiós” signifies farewell (for a long-term or maybe for ever). It would be the fitting method to bid farewell if two individuals isolated however not on the most exceedingly awful of terms.

Subsequent to giving it somewhat more idea I chose to ask Larry several inquiries. Just to ensure that “adiós” was the best word for his circumstance.

At the danger of showing up “metido” I asked Larry several individual inquiries. Incidentally, “metido” signifies “meddlesome” – like an individual who is unduly inquisitive about the undertakings of others. “Una persona que se metaen task” – in a real sense, an individual who places himself in all things.

“Metido” is the word for “intrusive” that you are probably going to hear in Colombia. Mexicans utilize “metiche” to state “intrusive.”

So I asked Larry for what valid reason did he need to cut off his association with his “novia.” And he revealed to me that she had exploited his liberality. Coincidentally, this is by all accounts a typical grumbling among gringos and different outsiders who come to Medellin looking for “las colombianas lindas.”

So I told Larry under these conditions the expression that he was searching for is “hasta nunca.” “Hasta nunca” in a real sense signifies “until never.” But a superior interpretation would be “no love lost” or even “see you in damnation!”

Larry expressed gratitude toward me prior to calling his novia (or x-novia) to state “see you in hellfire!” – I signify “hasta nunca.”

Incidentally, the word that is utilized in all of Latin earnpaisa America to state the English word liberal is “generoso.” But in Medellin, a man that is exceptionally liberal with his “novia” (sweetheart), “amante” (darling), “amiga con derechos” (companion with benefits, however in a real sense companion with rights), and so forth is considered “amplio.” “Amplio” in a real sense, signifies “extensive.”